Jen is a spark. She is a mirror. She has allowed me to embrace the things in my life that I’ve been cultivating in myself for years but haven’t quite been able to put into practice. Jen is a reminder. She embodies and practices the things she encourages me to embrace in myself. She reminds me that I am capable through the example she sets herself. I’ve been continually impressed by her ability to support the most challenging of moments in my process of personal growth and transformation.
— Andrew Rapisarda, Artist

Working with Jen has been a transformative and magical experience. She holds such a kind, welcoming space to unfurl the blocks I have placed upon myself. She sees the true potential in every being she explores with. I feel held, safe, and supported to dive deep with Jen. She gently pushes me to realize the places I have held myself back and together we explore how to break through the other side. I am so grateful for her work in this world and for her as a human. She is a teacher, listener, and pillar on my path of self growth and exploration. Thank you Jen!
— Morgan Seip, Founder of Enritual

Since I’ve known Jen I have always felt held when confiding in her. She listens with intent and her feedback is always positive. She’s one of the strongest women I know. I’ve witnessed her work through some really hard challenges. All of which she has overcome with positivity. Jen’s warmth is contagious and for that I’m so thankful
— Summer Weurthner, Founder of Lumis Memorie