In need of some sound pampering?

Feeling like your mind is in a constant frenzy of a to-do list?  

You can't stop thinking about how to get it all done, yet you’re so worn out and can feel the brain fog creeping in.  You wish you could just take a pause, wave a magic wand, and feel energy that is more sustainable than an inevitable coffee buzz crash.  


In need of a reset but only have an hour or two?  

It’s time for a treat-yourself session that will actually give your body and mind a break, and leave you feeling refreshed, restored, and clear-minded.    


Bubble baths are nice, but have you ever had a crystal sound bath?  


This ancient 2,000-year-old practice is known to reduce stress and anxiety while increasing relaxation, allowing your body and adrenals to recharge. This bath of sound waves helps the mind calm its rhythm, allowing for a deeper meditation while the vibrational waves actually massage the whole body inside and out.   


No rubber ducky required, but I may sing to you . . .

I’ve been working with this beautiful modality since 2012. As a life-long vocalist, it is a natural gift to sing and tone with the crystal bowls, further enhancing the experience. I offer this experience in either a one-on-one or group setting. Sound Healing is also an incredible compliment to Yoga and Coaching experiences!


Here's what people are saying:

“Wow. I laid down thinking I’d have a nice auditory experience.  But this was different.  I was taken on a journey.  Every cell of my body was awakened as Jen played her beautiful set of crystal bowls and guided me with her soothing voice.  This was truly a healing experience that I’d love to explore again."

- Andrew Rapisarda


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Interested in enhancing your experience?  Check out . . . 

Yoga Therapy 

Enhance your mind-body- spirit connection with a private Yoga Session in addition to a Sound Healing Session.  These two modalities work beautifully together and deepen the meditative experience.   

One-on-One Coaching 

Coaching is an incredible compliment to Sound Therapy Healing Sessions as we can get clearer on what energy needs moving.  Join me to make Big Shifts in your life.