I know you want freedom . . .

Freedom from a worrying mind, freedom to be comfortably confident in your body, & freedom to express your creative soul.  


I will support you to dig deeper to understand what holds you back & get clearer on your truest desires . . . so that you can show up with more confidence, intuition, & ease while creating the wholesome relationships you want with yourself & others.  


I’m here to help you become more present in the moment so that you can let go of the draining, worry fueled thoughts of feeling not good enough.  I’m here to support you in gaining freedom from constantly thinking “WTF am I doing?,” feeling unfulfilled, & filling up with unsatisfying relationships, maybe the chocolate in your pantry, or that ice cream in your freezer. I want to guide you to quiet the mind, help you tap into what really matters, & empower you to express your bold authentic true nature.


You’ll learn how to choose what’s best for your body as a whole, so you don’t have to time & waste energy on what doesn’t inspire your creative & precious pulse. You’ll get the coaching accountability for making healthier food & movement choices that actually fills you with joy rather than being confused about green smoothies or dreading the treadmill like a hamster on a wheel.


I will challenge & hold you accountable to meet your goals while incorporating self-love into your routine.  You will actually enjoy the process of becoming your happiest, healthiest self, & you will be able to let go of the constant worrying of making the right decisions for the future.


I know you work hard & probably scrutinize your body in front of the mirror.  I know some nights you’re exhausted yet your head is so filled with noise that it keeps you up later than you’d like. You’ll learn tools to better understand your energy, quiet a chaotic mind, and harness your strengths becoming more in-tune with yourself as a whole.


We’ll work on bringing in more joyful outlets that enliven your creative side & learn ways to treat yourself that don’t revolve around rich foods or shaming yourself for really enjoying them.  


You’ll have the opportunity to awaken the artist within so that you can feel more fulfilled in your self expression & get clearer about what you ultimately want to be doing with your time.


I want to help redefine your comfort zone by encouraging you to gracefully take some risks that challenge you into where the magic happens.  


Because life is precious.


Because the world needs you now.


Because life is so much sweeter on the other side of the struggle.


Let me guide you there . . . 


Ready to rise?


Take the NEXT STEPS . . .

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Interested in Yoga Therapy or Sound Healing too?

Yoga Therapy 

Yoga Therapy is an incredible compliment to Coaching sessions.  

Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a powerful journeying meditation tools that takes you deeper.