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Hello Beautiful, I’m Jen Gens and I’m so excited you’ve found your way here! 

I know what it’s like to be a hardworking, creative type that longs for confidence and freedom in your body, mind, and soul . . .


I know what it’s like to want a healthy, fit body, full of vibrant energy while craving a career you’re passionate about, deeper connections with the people you love, and the ability to trust that there’s more to life than the mundane.  


I know how it feels to believe you were put on this planet for a reason beyond obsessing about your next meal . . . using food to fill you up, rather than the fulfilling inspiration of life that flows through your creative veins.    


Imagine finally feeling empowered and thriving.  


Your dreams are powerful and ambitious.  I believe that with some focused accountability and a bit of structure you can absolutely rise over the hurdles that hold you back.


I’m a certified Nutritional Health Coach and Yoga Teacher with a background in psychology, and a passion for helping people have a body and life they love.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Environmental Science from Boston College, I have a particular interest in understanding how we build harmonious relationships with others, ourselves, and our environment as a whole.  As an artist, musician, and lover of Mother Nature, I genuinely appreciate how our senses and creative outlets play a deeper role in our healing process.


I know what it’s like to be an ambitious, creative, courageous soul with a deep heart that beats to the rhythm of her own drum.


I’ve always had a desire to express my authentic, wild self but for most of my life allowed others’ judgments to fuel my insecurities.  I felt so confused about how I “should” be living my life and what I thought I “should” look like that I hid behind a wall of worry, afraid of “imperfection.”


As an athlete I succumbed to an environment full of competition and developed unhealthy patterns of disordered eating and a body image full of hurtful judgement.  I thought the numbers on a scoreboard or scale had the right to tell me my self worth.  


For years I checked-out rather than in.

My relationships with partners lacked depth and I was socially attached to alcohol and drugs.  Obsessed with wanting to be a certain shape, I drank the green smoothies, worked out like a hamster on a wheel, and yet still felt tired, bloated, and unsatisfied.


Then things started to change...


Feeling lost and at an all time low, working a job that I hated, I followed a thread of intuition and discovered the art of Raja Yoga and Ayurvedic Wellness.


In my training I began to peel back the layers I had been hiding behind.  


In the process I gained practical tools for assessing energy and strengthening a healthier relationship to food.  The deeper I went the more I realized just how much healing I had to do as I learned the art of tuning-in.  


My passions for understanding the psyche, intuition, cravings, and habit change lead me to become a certified Health Coach and further my studies in Psychology and Nutrition.


When combining my education with creative expression and yoga, my relationship to food began to dramatically shift.  I finally felt like I was the one in control rather than the obsessive food habits and other people’s opinions that made me feel not good enough.  I was then able to allow my energy to flourish in other areas of life.  


As I was starting to feel more free and alive, the universe sent me a series of challenges to test the integrity of my tools and practices.  


In 2016 I was downhill mountain biking at the end of a sunny July day.  I was feeling tired yet fought the urge to rest as I pushed past my intuition and went for one more rocky ride.  


I later woke up hospitalized with a near fatal injury of 13 broken bones, including my neck, back, ribs, as well as a major concussion.  In the doctor’s words, I am “incredibly lucky to be walking . . . lucky to be alive.”


How genuinely true those words are.  


I had to relearn how to appreciate my body, brain, and soul on a whole new level.


During the extensive healing process I went through many transitions including heartache. Combine with my vulnerable state of repair, these challenges became a catalyst for me to explore the darkest parts of my deepest fears.  


I decided to face my demons, shake their hands, and get real.


As I was clearing out the heavy energy of my past traumas and embodying lessons of love and acceptance, the universe gave me an even greater challenge.  


Seven months to the day after my hospitalization, my mother was in a tragic fall and in an instant became a quadriplegic, losing functional abilities from the neck down.


It wasn’t until almost losing her that I truly understood the power of love, how precious life truly is, and how important it is to live the life we have in this present moment.


I ultimately learned that the depth of love and compassion I felt for my Mother was the same level of love that I needed to feel for myself.


By tuning in we learn how to honor the deepest parts of ourselves.  Through this art of listening we learn how to stay connected to love, even during our biggest challenges.  We have the ability to create the life we truly want because we ultimately know our dreams and deepest desires are worth it.  


Now, it is my mission to help people embody that love and live the life they dream of.  


When true-love is embodied, you can finally break free from the struggles with food, dissatisfaction, and insecurity.  


You can reclaim your gifts and uncover your purpose of what you were put on this Earth to do and face the unexpected challenges of life in a more empowered and loving way.  


I want you to feel that freedom!


I am here to help you out of hiding and deepen your ability to trust.  I want you to feel that confidence, clarity, and purpose you long for so that you can rise to thrive.  


Ready to break free and become the badass you know you are meant to be?


Get in touch.  Fill out this quick form for a free 30-minute Rise to Thrive session with no obligation, so that you can feel courageous in your soul, clear in your mind, and sexy in your body . . .  so you can show up to be the creative inspiration you know you are meant to be for yourself and others!

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